The only way to know how it will end is to do it!

«One thing I feel like saying to everyone, is to appreciate how life offers you choices, opportunities, people. Whether for a short or long period, for something that will become epic or a flop, for better or for worse, if the universe at that moment has made them available to you, it is only for you. Because at that moment you had to learn something new, or learn to live with a different awareness. »

About me
andrea mallus
andrea mallus

Introduction About Me

Andrea was born in Cagliari (ITA) from a simple, working, traditional family. But since childhood he had a rebellious soul, which often led him to clash with what were the rules of "normal life". Growing up he discovered many sides of his character that prevented him from being as he would have liked, but for this he is grateful because it was a great school that led him today to have a way of seeing life definitely different from the standards.

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andrea mallus
andrea mallus
andrea mallus
andrea mallus
andrea started his own 3D graphics company
andrea mallus
andrea moved to a healthcare sector mutua MBA
andrea mallus


“He was born in Cagliari, in a normal family, from "traditional" parents, workers, who immediately committed themselves to teach the right education, but in some ways, some things from a young age seemed to him limits or forcing and immediately his "rebel" soul came out going against anyone who imposed any kind of situation or attitude. Prejudice or defect, which still today is part of his character.”


“With a stroke of luck, his family won through a contest an all paid trip to Disney World, Orlando, where they spent Christmas and New Year's Eve and from here began the passion for travel of his parents, where for almost every summer until adolescence, made him discover many new aspects, new cultures, new mentalities and new places around the world. Knowledge that he learned to appreciate further in time.”


“Start high school, it happens the first of 3 events that will deeply mark its path. This first event happened within his group of friends, where after doing certain actions, he was mocked and at times bullied for a long period of time. This event led a part of his person to close himself completely to the outside world, and depending on the company he was with, to remain in complete silence, observing like a spectator what was happening around him”


“Over time, after several years lost, he managed to graduate but in a field that had never excited him and that he will never exploit in the future, because since childhood, what interested him most was related to drawing and graphics, which then growing up he studied and developed as self-taught, moving from classic drawing on paper to drawing on PC, movies and video editing and 3d graphics related to modeling and architecture of interiors and exteriors. After finishing school, like everyone else, he faced the world of work, which in the following years did not give opportunities if not some occasional or seasonal work. In the same year he met a person, with whom he began a relationship and that 6 years later, in 2009, his daughter was born. In that period he began a collaboration that lasted 2 years, with a journalistic editorial staff of engines that had and still has a certain relevance at regional and national level and that gave him the opportunity to improve in the field of video editing and to travel almost all over Europe, appreciating more and more different realities and cultures, realizing that in addition to "his own garden" there is a whole world.”


“In 2010 he decided to turn his passion for graphics, in particular 3D graphics, into a real job, creating his own 3D graphics company. An important activity for him because it confirms what were the beliefs developed until that moment, that is, financial freedom will never be comparable to that of his time. In fact he worked from home, without limits of time or anything else and doing something that really fascinated him, far from any obligation or imposition.”


“In 2011 comes the second event that marks his path, when for a number of reasons his girlfriend decides to break off their relationship, with the girl who was only 1 year old. This was a very strong emotional shock, but it was thanks to his daughter he managed to get up in a short time. "I remember a particular event where she, while we were at home together, I was in a corner of the house crying and staring at the void, she came and brought me a toy". Thanks to that gesture she got up and started to build her life with her again.”


“This was a really important year, because this is where the real path of change begins. A new person enters his life and is still his companion, in a journey that for most people is not easy, since it works according to "rules" different from traditional life. Then a chance meeting with an old friend led him to get to know the world of the network and the opportunities it can offer to people, that if taken with the right mentality, can really change your life, and not only in economic terms. He started this path in a holding called A1, a company that contained within it more mandates and more activities related to network activities. It began with the world of insurance, then moved to a sector that preferred more, that of integrative health care through Mutua MBA.”


“Also thanks to that friend, he was invited to attend a presentation in the area of Oristano, where he met the idea that was developing Bonofa, a German company that was creating a very ambitious project, focused on the world of internet and digital that had as its ultimate goal to make a stock exchange listing (IPO) giving the opportunity to all the people who participated in its development to earn money even very important. In this project he met Gian Paolo De Santi, leader and leading figure of this company both nationally and internationally. Between the two, a collaboration and a friendship that goes beyond the classic schemes was immediately born. This adventure ended in April 2015 when, after numerous reminders from the Italian structure, Bonofa did not keep the promises made, bringing Andrea, Gian Paolo and many other people related to them to go out publicly in a webinar where they explained the reasons for their estrangement from that company and some people who participated.”

2015 - 2020

“From May 2015 everything changes. Closed an entire book, a completely new path begins. Gian Paolo and Andrea, together with a small group of people (who over time then abandoned the project each for their own reasons), gave life to something new, innovative, futuristic. Andrea, as always, brought his contribution for everything related to the graphic part and in this project he had his greatest evolution, not only at work but also on a personal level. He took care of everything related to marketing, from presentations to flyers and videos, transforming into image and communication what in 2015 was only Gian Paolo's idea. During this path many events happened, but in 2018 the last of the 3 events took place. The former partner found a job outside Sardinia and her daughter, after a painful decision, decided to leave with her mother. This blow was the heaviest one to face, but also this time he managed to find the positive side and the teaching that this situation had generated, thanks to the help of his partner who, despite the difficult situation, did everything to make it less heavy. After 2 years then the daughter returned to live in Sardinia continuing her journey together with her father and your family. To date Andrea is solely responsible for the development of happydemy®, always with Gian Paolo, with Zakaria, his spiritual twin who arrived in 2017 and who he married 100%, with his girlfriend and all the people who actively participate in the development of this dream.”

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